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    KEYWORDS- Rome Statute, document of accession, genocide, alleged deportation.

Armenian Government deposited the instrument of ratification of the Rome Statute to the United Nations. Ambassador Mher Margaryan who is the permanent representative of the republic of Armenia in the UN, deposited Armenia’s accession documents in a ceremony held at the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs, with which, Armenia became the official 124th State Party to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The ceremony concluded the process of accession which began in 2022 with the approval of the Armenian government to a law on Rome Statute ratification.

United Nations has reported that Armenia will begin its membership in ICC from 1 February, 2024.

The International Criminal court is the world’s first permanent criminal court at international level which prosecutes genocide, war crimes, and crime against humanity. 

The decision came along the fact that Armenia’s government as well as its people were facing several international disputes, the government primarily wanted to gain authority and support against Azerbaijan, which has not signed the Rome Statute. With becoming a party to ICC, Armenia will gain a forum to make use of its status to and mobilize public and legal opinion and perspective against Azerbaijan.

This step taken by Armenia will put a strain on its relationship with its traditional ally Russia. The prosecutors of International Criminal Court have issued an arrest warrant against Vladimir Putin for alleged deportation of children from Ukraine to Russia and every country who has ratified and signed the Rome Statute are bound by ICC to arrest the Russian President. The government is warned with the fact that Russia might consider this act of Armenia as “Extremely hostile”.



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