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About the Organisation

Young Leaders for Legal Literacy (YLcube) Foundation is an initiative to motivate and inspire young students on various socio-legal themes and guide them to traverse the righteous path throughout their personal and professional lives.

Direct interaction, the exchange of views with experienced legal minds, and researching, conceptualising, and reporting according to the selected avenue below.

YLcube currently functions in legal publications, internships, Legal Literacy Programs, and Research centres.

About the Summer School

After conducting successful Summer Schools for many years, the YLcube Foundation has hosted students from over 100 law schools across India. These students undertook more than 50 research projects on the intersection of law and other facets of society, including politics, sociology, policy, psychology, and philosophy.

We will bring back the opportunity to the students in the summer of 2024. Through this program, the students will have a unique opportunity to use their legal acumen, expertise, and experience.

Familiarity with the practicalities and complexities of law would broaden students’ knowledge and benefit them professionally in the long run.

Themes of Projects

  1. Intellectual Property and Tech Law
  2. Environment and Finance
  3. Legal Literacy
  4. Principles of Criminal Law


2 interns per research project


  • Interns shall be provided with Internship certificates & a Letter of Recommendation.
  • To review previous research reports, visit here.
  • All researchers and research leads work pro bono at the summer school.

Last Date to Apply

9th June, 2024

Summer School Begins

15th June, 2024


1 month


Email: ylcubefoundation@gmail.com



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