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About Advocate Arvind Rao

Arvind Rao is a legal professional who has proudly navigated the challenges of life with Cerebral Palsy. His journey is a testament to the fact that diversity and inclusivity are not just ideals but a source of strength. His areas of practice include Corporate Law, Public Interest Litigation (PIL), Constitutional Law, Disability Rights & Accessibility Rights, and Divorce Law.

About the Opportunity

This unique internship opportunity is designed to provide a supportive and inclusive environment where you can explore the legal field, regardless of any physical challenges you may face.



Roles and Responsibilities

  • Engage in legal research and contribute to the discussion of diverse legal topics, including Corporate Law, PIL, Constitutional Law, Disability Rights & Accessibility Rights, and Divorce Law.
  • Assist in drafting legal documents, opinions, and briefs.
  • Attend court proceedings, gain insights into legal arguments, and witness the judicial process firsthand.
  • Collaborate with legal experts, lawyers, and judges who value your unique perspective.
  • Be part of an inclusive workplace that supports your growth and development.


Advocate Arvind’s office is looking for passionate law students who believe in the power of diversity and inclusivity. If you are enthusiastic about the law, regardless of any physical challenges you may have, and you’re eager to contribute to the legal field, this internship opportunity is for you.

How to Apply?

Please submit your application, including your resume and a brief cover letter, to arvindadvocateindia@gmail.com. In your cover letter, share your aspirations, your journey, and why you’re interested in this internship opportunity.

Application Deadline

Before November 11, 2023.


Supreme Court of India, New Delhi

Contact Information

+91 82878 51338.


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