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About the Job

The office of Mr. Kaustubh Shukla (AOR) is hiring! We are looking for a talented individual with a minimum drafting experience of 3 years in the Supreme Court.


Minimum drafting experience of 3 years in the Supreme Court.


  • The work profile is mostly related to the Supreme Court.
  • Assisting in drafting various SLPs, WPs, affidavits, rejoinders, interim applications, counter-affidavits, and other related work on various matters.
  • Research on various propositions of law involved in the matters.
  • Knowledge of listings and filings of the matters.
  • Timely submissions of the case research, fulfilling deadlines and keeping track of the already filed cases in the Supreme Court and other related works.

Application Procedure

If you have the relevant experience and are interested in this opportunity, please send your CV to kaustubh@live.in sanketvashistha6@gmail.com


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