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About Ask Junior

At Ask Junior the focus is on building legal tech research solutions that significantly enhance the daily workflow of litigation lawyers. By integrating advanced technology, Ask Junior offers users deeper analytical insights, thereby saving precious time and resources. With a unique approach of providing curated summaries of court decisions and statutes, Ask Junior helps eliminate redundancy, facilitates informed decision-making, and democratizes access to justice.

About the Internship

Ask Junior is inviting applications for two intern positions from law students who are passionate about technology and eager to disrupt the legal field. This is an opportunity to gain real experience in innovative legal tech development—far beyond mundane tasks like fetching coffee.

Internship Benefits

  • Direct involvement in pioneering legal tech projects.
  • Mentorship from experienced professionals aimed at accelerating your growth.
  • Opportunities to make substantial contributions to significant projects.


Ask Junior values curiosity and ability over GPAs and prestigious school affiliations. The main criteria are a genuine interest in legal technology and a proven ability to execute tasks effectively. If you are currently pursuing a law degree and are enthusiastic about learning more in this field, Ask Junior would be excited to consider your application.

Application Procedure

Interested candidates should send an email to Satish at satish@askjunior.ai. In your email, briefly introduce yourself and explain why you are interested in working with Ask Junior. A concise message of a few paragraphs will suffice.


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