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About the Organisation

The Lingering Shadows Initiative (Parchaayi/Chhaya/Saba Project) is a program envisioned by a team of practising advocates in Delhi NCR (India) to provide representation within the Courtrooms through legal aid and outside the Courtrooms through advocacy, media engagements, refugee and migrant art, theatre and various other mediums to the displaced communities within Delhi NCR, particularly the refugees and migrant workers, whose stories, narratives and issues remain overlooked and unattended.

As part of the project, the team regularly visits the communities in their camps and records their challenges, subhuman treatment, and systematic ghettoization. They write about these stories in the media and academic circles and represent them through refugee art and other art forms to build public awareness and opinions in favour of the communities.

Additionally, they provide regular legal training, legal aid, and legal representation to all community members. The Team operates a 24-hour phone number that anyone can call at any point of the day to access legal consultation/aid.

This project is coordinated and led by Ujjaini Chatterji, an advocate based in New Delhi. Interns will work with her directly.

About the Internship

Lingering Shadows Initiative has announced Virtual and Physical internships for law students and graduates in legal research, writing, and drafting.

Who can Apply?

All law students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate courses are encouraged to apply. Practicing lawyers interested in exploring feminist human rights lawyering as a career may also consider joining us.

We are looking for physical, virtual as well as social media interns.

Responsibilities and Skills

Physical Interns

  • Interest in feminist human rights lawyering (Litigation and policy advocacy)
  • Ability to undertake initiative and work independently as well as part of a team
  • interest in legal research
  • Inventive thinking
  • Working knowledge of English and Hindi
  • Basic knowledge and interest in Constitutional Law and Human Rights Law
  • Knowledge of UN Law, Laws on Refugees and Displaced Persons shall be an asset

Online Interns

  • Strong research and drafting skills
  • Basic knowledge and interest in Constitutional Law and Human Rights Law
  • Knowledge of fundraising
  • Inventive approach to work
  • Knowledge of UN Law, Laws on Refugees and Displaced Persons shall be an asset

Social Media Interns

  • Knowledge of social media marketing and campaigning
  • Knowledge/experience in fundraising
  • Knowledge of use of WordPress shall be an asset

At all times, we have reserved positions for members from SC/ST/OBC/Religious Minorities, LGBTQI+ and persons with disabilities.


The minimum duration of the internship will be two months. Preference shall be given to long term interns.

How to Apply?

  • Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.
  • Email ujjaini.chatterji@gmail.com with the subject “Application for Internship’, along with your CV, cover letter and a writing sample.


  • Internship Certificate
  • Flexible hours
  • Opportunity for inventive thinking and implementing creative initiatives in human rights law
  • Support, guidance and mentorship in preparing for international human rights law LLMs, scholarships etc.
  • Direct ground level experience (within the Courtroom and on the field) of working on issues of human rights law.
  • Training in direct client consultations, drafting and Court appearances.
  • Supply of reading materials on international refugee law, human rights law, feminist jurisprudence and opportunity to do paid writing on the subject


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