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Hi ! Thanks, you for considering to publish on legal Vidhiya.

Guidelines for submitting post to legal Vidhiya

1. Kindly note that our working days are from Monday to Saturday.

2. In order to submit your post kindly mail us at :contact@legalvidhiya.com or  legalvidhiya@gmail.com

3. Our editorial team takes 2-3 working days to publish a post and/ or to make any changes on an already published post.

4. The subject line of your email should be “Legal Vidhiya post – University name / organization name”

E.g.- legal Vidhiya post- xyz University

5. The full content of the post should be in the body of the email along with brochure, image( poster/feature imaging/ thumbnail) and other documents in attachment.

6. Please share content in Word or text format only.

Body of post for Event/ opportunities


  1. About the organization
  2. Detail about the event/ opportunities
  3. Who is it for/ eligibility
  4. Location (country/state/city)
  5. Registration/ submission procedure
  6. Fee details (if any)
  7. Prizes (if any)
  8. Deadline/ dates
  9. Contact Information
  10. Official link


  1. About the organization
    1. Nature (type of work/ internship/ job)
    1. Eligibility – experience/ qualifications
    1. No of employees/ intern
    1. Location
    1. Mode – online / offline
    1. Who can apply
    1. Perk/Salary/ stipend (if any)
    1. Duration
    1. Application procedure
    1. Contact Information
    1. Official link of organization website/ social media link

7. The full content of the post should be minimum 300 words. Please provide in precise detail.

Note: The post will be rejected if it is less than 300 words.

8. Along with above mention details, kindly mention the original URL to the event/ opportunity at the end of the email.

9. Kindly email changes (if required on your post that has already been published on the site) on the same email thread/ chain ( where you submitted the first post) for all request to update content.

Please avoid fresh/ new email for the same post, our editorial team will not consider changes suggested via new email.

10. Sponsored post- post are free for universities/ colleges/ private institutions/ individual but if you are charging student/ participants then we will treat your post as a Sponsored post and charge you between 99/- to ₹ 499/- for such post.


1. For Event & opportunity like conference, webinars, scholarships, fellowship, essay writing, blog writing and any other event for which a fee below ₹500 is charged – ₹99/post

(a) for publishing same on Instagram & linking handle – ₹50

(b) if thumbnail & feature image not provided by organization then ₹50/- per poster, which will be subject to maximum 3 times editing only.

2. For Event and opportunities like Moot, memorial , drafting , courses , entrance exam or any other event for which a fee of ₹500 and above is charged – ₹149/post

Service (a) and (b) will be charged same. (Kindly note that both the services are optional)

Payment detail- Shubhamsingh97013@dbs or Shubhamsingh97013@icici

Note : service requested and screenshot of payment should be attached with the mail.

3. For advertisement of event organized by private players, or products and services by private player advertisement rate can be inquired on sending mail, keeping subject line “Enquiry regarding Advertisement” to legalvidhiya@gmail.com or contact@legalvidhiya.com or can mail to Shubham Singh at author.shubhamsingh@gmail.com

If you want to submit a post/ opportunity outside of the law stream, feel free to contact:- Shubham Singh at author.shubhamsingh@gmail.com