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About the Event

The leading online education platform, Unacademy is proud to announce Adalat Utsav 2024, an event tailored for Judicial aspirants and professionals eager to progress ahead in the Judicial services.

Scheduled to take place on the 13th and 14th of July 2024, this two-day virtual fest promises an engaging and competitive environment for participants. Designed to foster critical thinking, legal knowledge, and practical skills.


Adalat Utsav offers three thrilling competitions,

  • Debate
  • Quiz
  • Judgment Writing

The Debate Competition will follow the Asian Parliamentary format, testing your oratory, argumentative, logic and reasoning skills with topics tailor made for the legal field. Participants will engage in thought-provoking topics, sharpening their analytical abilities and learning to present arguments with clarity and conviction.

The Quiz Competition hosted by India’s top educators of Unacademy will be live in Unacademy’s youtube channel which are Let’s crack Judiciary & Judiciary World with a total subscribers base of 120K

The Judgement Writing Competition offers a chance to showcase judicial acumen by crafting well-reasoned judgments on hypothetical cases. Participants will develop and demonstrate their ability to analyze facts, apply legal principles and articulate their reasoning effectively.

How to Register?

Interested candidates can register via the link given at the end of the post.


Adalat Utsav 2024 is an event with absolutely NO REGISTRATION FEE!

Why to Participate?

Participants can win upto ₹100,000 in prize money!

Further, participants stand a chance to receive free subscriptions to Unacademy’s Judiciary Course. This invaluable resource will significantly aid in career advancement offering comprehensive preparation materials for judiciary exams.

This event is also an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, experienced legal professionals, and Unacademy’s top educators.

Adalat Utsav 2024 is an ideal platform to broaden professional networks and gain insights from industry experts.

Click here to register.


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